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After front squats and bench, worked up to a heavy double at 415lbs. I wanted a triple, but after all that work, my legs were toast. @keepongettingstrong

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Same thing for bench: 4x3 and 1 3+ (5 reps) at 80% (225lbs).. These felt ok, unfortunately I think these will be the last of any upper body work for a while, do to my shoulder. Fingers crossed it’ll only be a couple of weeks. It’s only a small setback, I’ll be back at it soon. @keepongettingstrong

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If I want something I will definitely achieve it, no matter what I have to sacrifice…the more complex the situation, the more threatening my rivals, the more I spread my wings in defiance of everything.

There are two categories of performers in my sport: first, those who view competitions as tortures and second, those who see competitions as great celebrations. I am in the middle of those two.

In Shakespeare’s time it was said, “What must be cannot be avoided”. That is how it is when I lift. To successfully lift the weight cannot be avoided. I experienced the tortures and the celebration. But I lift as well as I lift because it cannot be avoided.

Vasily Alexeyev (Olympic Gold Medalist, USSR, Superheavyweight Division 1972 and 1976, holder of 80 World Records)

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